Parental Objection To Release Of Student Information (New Students Only) (Online)

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Under the federal “No Child Left Behind Act”, public high schools must give the names, addresses and telephone numbers of students to military recruiters, college/university recruiters and prospective employers if the recruiters request the information (P.L. 107-110, Section 9528; 10 USC n503). However, students or their parents have the right to instruct the school in writing that this information is not to be released.

If you do not consent to the release of this information to 1) military recruiters, 2) colleges/university recruiters 3) prospective employers, and/or 4) any school-sponsored organization, please check the appropriate box or boxes below. To be certain your wishes are respected, complete this form by September 13, 2024. Although signed forms returned after that date will be effective after receipt by the main office:


Parental Objection to Release of Student Information

  • *** Students have the right to request that their contact information not be released to recruiters. Parents can override a child’s decision by notifying the school in writing, only if the student is under age 18. We encourage parents and students to discuss this information.